Concussion Litigation Reporter is published monthly by Hackney Publications. Each issue provides timely reporting on developments and strategies in the emerging legal practice area of sports concussions.

We offer three subscription levels for Concussion Litigation Reporter:

  • SILVER: For individual attorneys and industry experts who need immediate access to information and documents that may affect their involvement in concussion litigation. Rate: $195 per year.
  • GOLD: The premium package for practicing attorneys and industry experts. Rate: $325 per year. The attorney/expert will be listed in the “Resource” directory of the Concussion Policy & the Law blog. In addition, the attorney will be featured in a Q & A feature in Concussion Litigation Reporter (CLR) and will receive a complimentary stand-alone pdf reprint of the Q&A for the attorney’s web site. Finally, the attorney can write up to four articles annually (800-1200 words in length) in CLR. In the case of the expert, he or she will be listed on the side panel of each monthly issue of CLR. Additionally, the expert will have the opportunity to write up to four articles annually (800-1500 words in length) in CLR.
  • GOLD-PLUS:  Allows a library to access a silver-level account: Rate: $450.

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