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The NHL Playoffs and Concussion Awareness – A Case of Bad Timing?

Timothy Epstein, a partner and chairman of the Sports Law Practice Group at SmithAmundsen, LLC  recently had an interesting post in a blog published by the Defense Research Institute that looked at the “unprecedented media coverage” around this year’s NHL playoffs and why that may be a problem because of increased awareness of the concussion problems in…
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Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Suggests ‘Specialized Intervention’ Speeded Up the Recovery of the NHL’s Sidney Crosby

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress put out a press release today, which suggested that a  Doctor of Chiropractic with specialized training in neurology has helped NHL superstar Sidney Crosby recover from a concussion. “After a traumatic vestibular concussion resulted in year-long symptoms of instability, fogginess, dizziness and light sensitivity,” Crosby has “improved cognitive and physical…
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