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Association Partners with Foundation to Adopt Concussion Prevention and Awareness Program for School Event

It has become all about awareness. Fifty years ago, a concussion was a brain bruise. Give it a few days and it’ll heal. Certainly any lingering effects were brushed off by the general public with, “those headaches are normal…they’ll go away. Don’t worry!” Times have changed. If only it were just a few headaches that…
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Local School Board in Michigan Institutes Concussion Policy

The Chippewa Valley school board has adopted a two-part concussion policy that will take a proactive approach to identifying student-athletes with concussions as well as dictate the level of care before they return to play. Dakota High School (DHS) Athletic Director Michael Fusco told the media that the policy “will assist us in providing a…
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Schools Expanding Reach of Concussion Policies for Students

A majority of US states have now enacted youth concussion laws. Certain schools are going above and beyond requiring a baseline concussion test so that if an injury arises they will have something to measure it against to see the extent of the injury. Read more at ( )