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Researchers Look at Why Woodpeckers Don’t Get Concussions

Woodpeckers hit their heads against tree trunks at speeds of more than 20 pecks per second for hours at a time; however, this does not cause any harm to the bird’s brains. Researchers recently mapped out the precise movements the birds make with their heads in order to show how the construction of their skulls…
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Company Announces Partners Supporting Its Software Application

A Florida company announced today that a number of organizations and other entities are supporting the need for proper concussion education in sports by supporting the introduction of its software application. PAR, Inc. said the following companies and organizations “have shown their commitment to concussion research and education by becoming PARtners: The Children’s National Medical…
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Texas Concussion Law Takes Effect

In accordance with a new bill signed into law earlier this year, Texas students who suffer concussions while participating in athletic events must now have physician clearance before returning to play. The measure was universally applauded by school officials, parents and The Methodist Hospital in Houston’s Concussion Center. “Natasha’s Law,” the new legislation, is named after…
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