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ER Facilities See More Treatment of Kids Concussions

Over the past 12 months, concussion awareness has heightened primarily because of the health-related after-effects experienced by what now seems to be a never-ending amount of complaints filed on behalf of former professional sports athletes. This awareness is now going through a trickle-down phase, exposing similar issues in college, high school, and youth sports in…
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Hockey Hit Led to Filing of Criminal Complaint

Think savage hits and the first think that probably pops into your mind is the NFL. The second thing to float across your brain waves is probably the NHL. Body checks! Slashing sticks! It’s that whatever-it-takes mentality, or as Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis used to say, “Just win baby win.” But no longer is…
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NBA Reacts Decisively to Punish Metta World Peace for Elbow that Caused Concussion

The NBA didn’t pull any punches, so to speak, in suspending Metta World Peace for seven gaames after his elbow, which caught fellow basketball player James Harden flush, and caused a concussion Commissioner David Stern considered Peace’s track record and the viciousness of the hit on Oklahoma City’s Harden, who has been held out of…
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